Why You Should or Shouldn’t go to Festivals (depends on how you party)

swamp donkey

Youtuber Shane Buckerfield¬†captured some rare footage of the creature better known as a “Swamp Donkey.” SD’s are known to ingest way too much alcohol in combination with stimulants and powerful psychedelics until they reach the state portrayed here. Notice how she keeps in time with the sweet electronica beats while also peeing in a stranger’s tent. Wiping her “whatever-she-has” with a piece of stolen bread. Textbook example. They’re often found wrapped up in collapsed tents with glow sticks and ketamine littered around their environment. Be sure never to sexually mingle with one of these things. Doing so can result in an unexpected super embarrassing pregnancy and disastrous economic burdens. Though it hasn’t been proven, studies also seem to indicate that after pregnancy swamp donkeys can possibly morph into “wet hair pajama pants ladies”, often found buying energy drink and cigarettes in convenience stores and Walmart. WHPPL is a chronic condition that’s best treated with cheap liquor, abused prescription medication, lots of drama and a heavy dose of day-time TV.

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