TWITTERBIRD: The Scandal That Mildly Affected WWE Star Seth Rollins


Nude pictures have been posted to WWE star Seth Rollin’s Twitter account recently. According to rumors on the internet that I will now perpetuate further, Rollin’s finance was pissed that he was (allegedly) boning WWE model, Zahra Schreiber who, according to our sources, isn’t on the hit reality show, Total Divas.

Leighla Shultz, Who is now presumably Rollin’s ex-fiance, unleashed a nude of Zahra Schreiber on all of her man’s social media accounts.


She continued her rampage later by posting more naked selfies though this time of her boo and on her own twitter account revealing her man’s average sized hard penis. Well played.

rollins 1

Rollin’s later apologized to his fans after presumably body slamming his fiance for her actions.

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