Atheists And Christians Have More In Common Than You’d Believe


Same Shit Different Story

Whether they want to admit it or not these guys share a common ground. They are believers. It doesn’t matter how opposed they claim to be. They both allow an unverifiable mental construct to dictate certain terms of their life. I’m not hating either. Belief can be a wonderful thing.

Let me preface all of this by saying I’m neither a Christian nor a staunch atheist. I don’t care what anyone personally believes. When it comes to the creation of the universe anyone’s guess is as good as anyone’s guess. All we really have to go by are different stories. The problems arise when people take theirs too seriously.

Let’s dissect these guys two stories.

Super religious guy-Loves himself some Jesus. In his story there is this almighty character who happens to look a lot like the king from Disney’s “Little Mermaid.” He lives in the sky with every do-gooder who’s ever lived on Earth who obeyed his list of rules which were ultimately designed to help humanity along (at least in most instances anyway.)

Uber-atheist Man-Feels like anyone who believes in the above story is a weak pussy and can’t handle “reality” which science has handed down to us through rigorous research and trials. In his story there was this infinitesimally small and dense particle floating around in the nothing/something which one day exploded, and through the swirls of time and chaos, formed into stars and planets which happened, by chance, to spawn living organisms which through time and chaos (and another dash of chance) formed into us. Mutations living on rocks in a swirling universe of chaos. Sounds pretty cool.

I’m not bashing science either. It’s awesome. If it weren’t for science I wouldn’t be writing this on a laptop while listening to music on the internet. However, isn’t the big bang simply the story the scientist’s believe?  I’m not trying to argue whether or not there was an explosion in space a long time ago. It very well could have happened. I just don’t buy into the fact that that one story explains the whole universe and shuts down any possibility for anything else.

Philosopher Terrence McKenna summed it up the best when he said, “Science requests, Give us one free miracle and we’ll explain the rest.”

My main point is the two main competing ideologies are just two stories. One is fantasy and the other one’s science fiction.

It’s like Harry Potter fans arguing with Heinlein fans. People need to calm down and stop trying to be king of the ideas. Seriously. When you cut the shit down the middle we’re all left with the fact that none of us have any fucking idea what is going on or how we got here.  For all we know we could just be some long forgotten toy designed to entertain an advanced alien species when the earth existed on the other side of a black hole.

A cosmic tamagotchi floating around in outer space. Makes for a good story, at least.cosmictamagotch

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