Sarah Palin and Al Sharpton’s Awkward Encounter At SNL 40

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Future TV Judge, Sarah Palin and the Teleprompterly Challenged, Al Sharpton met on the red carpet for SNL 40 and had the one of the strangest interactions of all time.

I love how, in the first couple seconds, Palin gives Sharpton that fake “OMG I didn’t even see you over there two feet away from me” greeting, before the two engage in a super awkward 40 second hand shake. Then Palin, who was I presume was on molly, decides to take it to the next level by touching Sharpton’s face and Al, who definitely wasn’t on molly but might have been on xans, whipped his head back to free his face from the cold, icy touch of the white devil. Palin recovers nicely by saying the word “Americana” about fifty times.

As friendly as their interaction was, facial expressions don’t lie. If you pause the video at the exact moment they first look at one another you get a better sense of their true feelings for one another.

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