Russian Man Gets Naked And Owns Airport Security

russian airport

This is definitely one way to put those TSA fools in their place. None of that weak over the pants dick grabbing. If the Government wants to feel our dicks we should give them the full experience. Grab our naked wieners tyrants!

I think it’s funny how the Russian security guys just sit there and stare at the dudes’s unit the entire time.
russian airport 1

Not that I would have done any differently, but then again I’m also not a cop so I leisurely stare at a dick in an emergency situation whereas they should have upheld their civic duty and held a leaf over it or something.

The kind traveler one up’s the officers again by politely showing the them his butthole after walking through the metal detector.

Good day to you sir!

Good day to you sir!

Nothing left for this guy to do but gather his stuff and catch his flight before these dickheads make him late.
russian airport 3

Here’s the video:

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