Rudy Giuliani: Obama Doesn’t Love America

Rudolph W. Giuliani

While speaking at a private dinner recently, Rudy Giuliani pulled up his pants and proposed the idea that “Obama doesn’t love America.”

Dealing with the fallout, Giuliani sought refuge the next day appearing as a guest on Fox’s Evil White Couch program to clear the air—And by clear the air I mean, sit on TV and top off old white ladies heads with nonsense.

He kicks the B.S. fest off nicely with a sentence that makes absolutely no sense. Here’s his botched attempt at making up for his drunk statement from the night before.
rudy g 1

“Well first of all, I’m not questioning his patriotism. He’s a patriot, I’m sure.”


With the opening blunder out of the way, in-house blonde psycho, Steve Doocy looks directly into the camera and just starts talking about ISIS.

I know this has nothing to do with anything but...ISIS!

I know this has nothing to do with anything but…ISIS!

The former mayor steers the conversation back towards Obama as Doocy’s hate boner quietly subsides.

I promise we will get back to hating Muslims later.

I promise we’ll get back to hating Muslims later.

Giuliani wraps the conversation up sounding like a neglected girlfriend.

Here’s the whole thing…

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