The Strange Origins Of The Beck Beyonce Mashup “Single Loser”

beck beyonce

Being that I’m somewhat out of the loop of Hollywood’s goings on, I’ll paint two scenarios as to how I think this thing may have come about and it’s up to you as the reader to figure out which one is true.

1. Beyonce had a few glasses of wine and was going over the events of the big night in her head. She gets a text from Jay telling her that he took their kid with them to Japan where he had to go pick up a bag full of a billion dollars. According to their respectable adult open relationship Beyonce figured she’d get some outside D. She calls the writer of this article. He wanted to roll through but was busy and promised to break her off later. Beyonce pouts for a while and then decides to reach out to Beck and make sure everything’s cool. Beck rolls through. They smoke a joint and split a bottle of wine. Beck gently delivers himself to the Queen. After the bone sesh Beyonce leads Beck downstairs to their in-home studio where they lay this down and make love once more before Beck slips into the night.


2. Some fat nerd was fooling around on his lap top and whipped this thing up in 10 minutes before scouring the internet for a porn video that he’s never seen before. It turns out he’s seen them all so he spends 10 extra minutes fine tuning his new mash up. It quickly goes viral upon its release.

Either way, we all kinda have to thank Kayne for this…

They should have let a real artist like me produce their mashup!

They should have let a real artist like me produce their mashup!

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