Man Gets Busted Seeing 50 Shades Of Grey

50 creep 6

A local Danish News station was interviewing a woman about her thoughts on 50 Shades of Grey and somehow caught this hefty creeper trying to slink his way into the hen house. It’s unclear as to whether this guy was trying to go on a date with a side piece or just Pee Wee Herman all up in the theater, but one thing is for certain: He probably has a boner.

Also if you’re ever trying to slip below the radar of a news crew it’s typically best not to look directly into the camera…and then walk back up and look directly into the camera and then walk away…and then walk back again.

Let’s take another look at the action:

Coming around the corner…
50 creep

Realizes he’s on camera…
50 creep 2

Turns away while still staring at the camera…
50 creep 3

Shit pants quietly in corner…
50 creep 4

Gathers himself from a distance…
50 creep 5

Walks like the Terminator toward his seat
50 creep 6

There have never been harder nipples contained within an argyle sweater.

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