Krispy Kreme: Sorry For The KKK Donut Club

krispy kreme event

Krispy Kreme apologized recently for one of their UK store’s bold approach toward marketing. The store advertised a promotion for customers called KKK Wednesday, which was supposed to be held this week.

krispy Kreme KKK

And before you go judging the local owner realize that in this case KKK, was intended to stand for “Krispy Kreme Klub,” it has nothing to do with that other group who terrorized minorities for decades by murdering them and burning down their shit. Though, the KKK (innocent donut one) probably would have slowly morphed into the evil one over time. There’s just something about white people sitting around enjoying donuts and coffee that somehow breeds racism. (See: Cops) How long will it be until scientists make the racist trans-fat/caffeine connection?

Although it can’t be totally verified, some of our secret UK sources told us about an older woman who has been camping out since Monday night in anticipation of the event.
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