Kim Jong Un: Killing It With The New Haircut

Kim Jung profile

You might be wondering what your favorite real life Austin Powers bad guy, Kim Jong Un, has been up to lately?


Kim has gotten a new ‘do and people are talking. I used to question this man’s ability to decimate the human population through nuclear warfare, but this haircut tells me otherwise. A guy with this haircut could totally push the red button and end life on Earth as we know it. But, he didn’t just reach this level over night. He had to work his way up to it.

This guy was only capable of executing relatives and cyber-terrorism.
kim jung

…And this is a what a dude who’s ready to devastate the planet looks like.
kim jung 1

It’s rumored K.J. went straight home from the barber shop, selfied, and immedately updated his Facebook profile pic. Those who didn’t “like” it were swiftly sentenced to death and their families forced into Hyundai labor camps.

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