Kanye West Declares Himself The Robin Hood Of Fashion


During an exclusive interview with Style.com Kanye West announced that he now wants to be considered as the Robin Hood of fashion. Which isn’t a far off claim considering all of the models were dressed like the merry men of some dystopian sci-fi future.

Wtf? I thought Kanye said we'd all have light sabers...

Wtf? I thought Kanye said we’d all have light sabers…

Much of the interview consists of Kanye’s grandiose ramblings about how he’s got this new utilitarian approach to fashion that can be accessible to the masses (which I’m sure has nothing to do with his poorly received first few tries in Paris in ’11 and ’12) and how it’s not just fashion rather than a movement, blah, blah, blah.

His new line is, in fact, so serious that Kanye can’t even say his models walk on the runway. “What would you call a place where a military brigade stands? It’s no longer called the runway for me.” He goes on to explain the importance of his new line, “People sometimes ask, “Why does Kanye West pander to fashion in this way?” I don’t pander to it, I’m trying to learn from it. Because I believe there’s some information in it that can help people have better lives. And it’s being held and blocked and not given to the people. So this is very much a Robin Hood approach that I have to making clothes.”

sexy larper

To recap: By dressing up like sexy LARP’ers we can all become better people and be in Kanye’s fashion army and if you don’t like it you’re just being a negative geniusaphobe.

The interview seemed to be pretty friendly—though it did take a quick dive when the interviewer asked a question about his show.

Interviewer: “Did you feel that you needed the voiceover at the beginning of the show? Why not let the clothes just speak for themselves at that point?”

Yeezy: “I think that question is a little bit offensive.”

Things quickly got back on track after the interviewer allowed Kanye to resume stroking himself over his selfless acts of fashion greatness. Although Yeezy Day is not yet upon us, us mere mortals will soon face his camo collections in stores and Kanye wants everyone to know, “The people are with me. Now it’s up to you to choose whether or not I’m chic enough to sit at your dinner table. And I could give a fuck about your dinner table, by the way. I’ve got my own petrified Rick Owens table in my house. Is that chic enough?”

Yes Kanye. You have a nice table. You are our lord and savior. Everything is going to be okay.

kanye angel

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