Crazy Russian Version Of Winnie The Pooh

Russian Pooh

If there ever was an allegory for our two societies…

Forget about that fun loving, honey sucking bimbo version of Winnie The Pooh that we know. The Russian one blows him out of the water. Why is he better? Well for one the Russian Pooh actually has to work for his honey. He’s gotta climb trees and fight bees. He understands the important of camouflage. He’s also dark and brooding like Russ Cole, which is awesome since we’ll never see him ┬áin True Detective again.

American Pooh always just seems to have some honey lying around in his cupboard. Sure it’s probably some cheap made-in-China shit, but at least he’s eating. Stuffing his face with Chinese honey while lying around and increasing the national debt with his unrealistic lifestyle. And if he ever does have a problem he just whines and cries to Christopher Robin.

Cristobol Robin would slap Russian Winnie and put a cigarette out on his arm if he ever pulled that shit…

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