Is #AskHerMore A Dumb Hashtag? Yes.


Let’s face it, the Red Carpet is a fashion event not a Ted talk. Famous designers give actors and actresses really expensive clothing to wear and the whole point of the thing is to say who you are wearing as a thanks to the designer. It’s why the designer gave you whatever you’re wearing in the first place. It’s not like Mike Kors is sitting around like, “I really dig Kate Upton’s stance on Darfur…I should give her a dress!”

If you’re an actor who wants to spread the word on an important topic than perhaps you should consider writing a book, starting a podcast or giving a graduation speech. I’m sure U PENN would love to have Patricia Arquette talk about her white feminist movement to next year’s graduating class.

I hate to break it to anyone who decides to get into the field, but your job as an actor isn’t to give speeches and change the world. Your job is to entertain. Why do people who dress up in costumes and play pretend for a living feel like they’re qualified to tackle these huge issues? I used to work at an ice cream parlor. It would have been like if I got offended when people asked me about topping options instead of my take on the ISIS threat.

This isn’t an attack on feminism either. The reason #Askhermore bothers me has nothing to do with women’s issues. Women are undoubtedly treated subjected to a very unfair double standard, but making Ryan Seacrest ask actresses about stuff unrelated to their wardrobe at a fashion event does nothing for the actual problems that women face in the world. It’s moronic to think it could. If anything actors and actresses spouting out nonsense after skimming Huff Po Women articles between takes makes the people who are actually qualified to speak on those matters look bad.

Then you get the flurry of mindless idiots tweeting their stupid thoughts on a stupid hashtag that news outlets are forced to cover and push as a legitimate thing since it’s popular. No one should ever have to read this tweet:

The same champion of human rights tweeted this shortly after:

I’m all for equal rights for everyone. I’m just not sure if I really want to live in a world where I have to read: “Oscars 2015: Did Ryan Seacrest Support #AskHerMore? Twitter Weighs In” either. You’d think Ryan Seacrest would be immune to the wrath of Twitter’s pop feminism on the grounds that he too has a vagina…

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